Celexa (Citalopram)
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Product description: Celexa is prescribed for major depression disorder treatment.
Active Ingredient: Citalopram
Celexa as known as: Malicon, Citalgert, Citara, Relaxol, Citalobell, Prisdal, Antidepressa, Zodep, Lampopram, Lopracil, Citom, Talohexal, Bivien, Celica, Relapaz, Citol, Pram, Dalsan, Ciral, Citalo-q, Lopram, Return, Finap, Citrol, Citaham, Citalich, Frimaind, Citopam, Citaloprol, Arpolax, Pramcil, Temperax, Ciprager, Citapram, Citalec, Aurex, Apo-citopram, Citalowin, Felipram, Talam, Ecloram, Eostar, Talosin, Citalox, Vodelax, Galopran, Zyloram, Kaidor, Decilop, Erlicon, Cilon, Verisan, Citalvir, Cilate, Opra, Actipram, Feliximir, Depramil, Eslopram, Cerotor, Sepram, Recital, Oropram, Citagen, Zebrak, Alcytam, Celius, Ciprotan, Cilonast, Cilift, Elopram, Lupram, Citalostad, Setronil, Belmazol, Zalopram, Citexam, Proximax, Citalogen, Ricap, Exenadil, Alepram, Prisma, Humorap, Genprol, Citalohexal, Serotor, Marpram, Cita, Cimal, Lodeprem, Hydertan, Seropram, Citrex, Percital, Citalon, Cortran, Laira, Citalogamma, Pisconor, Citaxin, Cital, Claropram, Citronil, Kylipram, Cipram, Citalorin, Starcitin, Lopraxer, Zentius, Cilopress, Citox, Goldamit, Cipraned, Celapram, Citaratio, Ciazil, Acelopam, Ciprapine, Citalopramum, Kitapram, Loptar, Futuril, Akarin, Sintopram, Citalodep, Aprolax, Cipramil, Citalomerck, Bellcital, Pramexyl, Somac, Citolap, Citao, Cinapen, Calton

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